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Welcome to Malmesbury Gymnastics, an SAGF registered Acrobatic gymnastics and Gym For All club. Gymnastics Promotes an active and healthy lifestyle that improves fitness,strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, balance,and much more. Acrobatics also improves teamwork and communication skills! Gymnasts will have the opportunity to participate in SAGF organized Club, District, Regional and National competitions, should they qualify to do so.

About Our Coaches

Marno Crafford (head coach and owner of Malmesbury Gymnastics)
Marno started doing gymnastics at a very young age and competed in multiple National championships. In 2014 he represented South Africa at the Indo Pacific Championships where he placed 2nd. Marno has over 7 years coaching experience as well as sport science and coaching qualifications.

Marlene Woolls (Coach)
Started coaching at Malmesbury gymnastics November 2020. Marlene has a talent for working with kids that is truly special! She will help and lead the kids to become the best that they can possibly be.

Our Goals

  • Ensure gymnasts enjoy the beautiful sport that is gymnastics
  • Teach the gymnasts that with hard work, discipline and dedication, they can achieve anything!
  • Provide the best coaching possible to ensure gymnasts reach their full potential.