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Club Fees

    Please Note:

  • Club fees are due on the first of the month (in advance)
  • There is a once off joining fee of R250-00
  • Club fees are for coaching received at Malmesbury gymnastics only and do not include registration fees, competition entry fees or clothing
  • Club fees may or may not be increased annually
  • Fees are calculated as an annual figure - Malmesbury Gymnastics then devides the amount into 12 equal payments for your convenience.
Hours Per Week Price Per Month
2 Hours R450-00
3 Hours R650-00
4 Hours R800-00
5 Hours N/A
6 Hours N/A

2022 SAGF Registration Fees

All gymnasts must register with the South African Gymnastics Association(SAGF). Registration Fees needs to be paid once a year.

New Members:

If you're a new member, you must register at least 5 weeks before a competition or event, or you must register before the end of April 2022.


The closing date for re-registrations of gymnasts that have been registered before, 29 February 2022

Late Registrations:

All late registrations will be penalized up to 50% additional to the registration fee.

Category Name Category Description 2022
Category A - Competitive Gymnasts, Level 1 and higher, planning to take part in Official Competitions during 2022. R600.00
Category B - Non-Competitive All Gymnasts, that don’t participate in Official Competitions during 2022. All new Gymnasts (never registered before) who have just started gymnastics and are not ready for Competitions this year.(When they become ready and going to participate, they can upgrade to Category A) R88.00
Category C - Competitive PDI Gymnasts participating in Official Competitions with a total household income of less than R 6000.00 per month. A Written application and proof of income, for this Category must be handed in to the Club to submit to the Western Cape Gymnastics Association for approval. Application form is below. R88.00
Category E - Competitive This category is for gymnasts who participates in Inter-Club Competitions ONLY. The gymnast will not be able to compete at any regional competition. Gymnast can upgrade to Category A. R240.00

Download Category C Application Form